Free shipping in Cyprus on all orders over €50
Free shipping in Cyprus on all orders over €50

Welcome to transparent

We are doing what we love: creating designs for an audience (you), who request something different and original. We exist to offer you authentic brands, which will constantly evolve, experiment, and be ahead of time.

In the era of the global village and social media, the demands have changed. Most people are searching for a unique alternative appeal and authenticity in a world of homogeny. Thus, we are here to make sure our products are compatible with your personal needs, attitude, and identity. It is our mission to create genuine products with transparency.

Our Transparent Brands are built with passion and going against the grain to deliver impactful and authentic clothing, accessories, and gifts. The brands will continuously reimagine and reshaping to meet the needs of the audience. We’ve got all the goods for you to express yourself and make your everyday life as exceptional and unique as you would like it to be. Transparent products are animal-free and the majority of them are sustainably sourced.

If you are wondering why ‘transparent’, well we will tell you now: metaphorically speaking, transparent means being unequivocal, clear, and straightforward. This is our attitude towards you. To be honest, direct, and offering you authentic and cool designs. Looking through a transparent material, you see through it; you see the truth.